Mixed Rice

Nasi Campur or Mixed Rice is referring to a dish of rice served with various side dishes, including meats, vegetables, peanuts, eggs and fried-shrimp crackers. For Balinese Mixed Rice, actually there are lots of choices of side dishes to accompany the steam rice. Lawar, Sate Lilit, Be Ayam Pelalah were cooked to accompany my set of Balinese Mixed Rice.

Known as one of the biggest rice producer countries in the world, then rice become main part of our daily meal. For many Indonesians, not eating rice means not eating yet! Not only for daily menu, in many occasions the special rice menu become the hero on dining table.

Nasi Tumpeng

a cone-shaped rice dish like mountain with its side dishes (vegetables and meats) is usually served in special celebration in Indonesian families.

Lawar is mixed vegetable with coconut meat and the taste is sharpened with natural flavors.

Sate Lilit is made from minced meat or fish by pounding it into very smooth and sticky then mixed with grated coconut meat. The meat or fish is selected only from the good parts; the pure flesh only. It can be cooked by frying or grilling.

Be Siap Pelalah / Balinese Chicken. Twice cooked chicken in spiced mild chilli balacan paste.

Balinese food is one of the most exotic food that I've ever tried. It's very rich. Rich of flavor, texture and the most interesting one, it's rich of ingredients and spices. Really appetizing.

'Tamarind on the mountain, salt in the sea meet in the one pot'. #stellerid #stellerstories #steller #stellerid #food #indonesia #indonesianfood #bali #foodphotography #foodstyling

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