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Visiting Japan will not be completed until you stay in a Japanese Traditional Ryokan. On our trip to Yamanashi, we were lucky to be able to spend one night at Yougai's Sekisui-ji Onsen, a beautiful ryokan runs by a modern Japanese family.

The rice field on the way to Yougai Ryokan. The scenery was so gorgeous. So we decided to take our moment together.

The entrance to Yougai Ryokan.

A very luxurious villa in front of the ryokan.

One foggy morning at Yougai's Sekisui-ji Onsen.

Yougai Ryokan is known as one of the oldest traditional ryokan in Japan. Most of the guests seek for relaxation, and of course, the hot spring pool or onsen. So do I.

To be honest, I enjoyed it so much when it came to onsen time. During the trip in Japan, I've visited four onsens, each with different ambiances.

Our room was small, with a big cupboard for tatami, and a set of guest table. The TV was so old, but it still worked. As you can see from the entrance, the ryokan looked like a one-storey building. But it turned out that their building was "growing down". They had 3 floors, including the indoor and outdoor onsen.

Breakfast served really early, at about 7am. And the staff did call us by phone, room by room. But it is worth it. I'm so happy to taste this traditional Japanese brekkie.

At the lobby, I saw two red-bikes. But I have no idea whether they were rented or not. I guess they were.

Souvenirs at the lobby.

Fresh houto, only ¥760.

A really beautiful experience."

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