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My friends and I were invited by Yamanashi Prefecture Officials to cover the stories in all around Yamanashi during summer. I was glad to go, because Japan has always be my favorite destination in the whole world.

It took us about two hours to go to Kofu-shi from Haneda Airport. Thanks to Higashi-San and Jejen who took the nonstop 4 hours drive Kofu-Tokyo-Kofu, just to pick us up.

Meet my team. Front seat: Higashi-San, our super nice guide from Yamanashi Pref. Official; Jennifer aka Jejen, an Indonesian girl who worked in Yamanashi Government. Backseat: ME!; Dian, the news producer; Mustika, the camera person.

Kofu-shi is the capital city of Yamanashi Prefecture. It is a small, quite city. Everything runs really slowly here. Most of the citizens live in a small house, and drive small cars.

Most of Japanese people prefer to walk or ride a bike from one place to another. Maybe that's the reason why I rarely seen fat Japanese people.. ^^

During our stays, we spent our nights in 3 places. One of them was Toyoko Inn Minami-guchi.

Toyoko Inn is a famous chain hotel in Japan. Most of the customers stay for business. But so far, I like the hotel. It's so compact, and practical, and clean, and it has everything I need.

The recepsionists, although they spoke a very little English, were really nice and helpful. The lobby aka dining room was small, but they functioned very well. It also has a vending machine, which contains not only drinks (plain ocha is my favorite, costs only ¥120), but also canned nuts and crackers. Yep! It's so yummy and you can only find it at Toyoko Inn.

My favorite ocha.

What I like most about this hotel is the breakfast menu. It was so simple yet healthy and very delicious. You can choose different kinds of onigiri or bread, and enjoy the meals with potato salad and miso shiru. Coffee, tea, and iced water were also available. This hotel served free breakfast and dinner everyday. But unfortunately I cannot eat the dinner: pork curry rice that looked really yummy. *sigh

Looks really yummy, doesn't it?

The lobby also has a business center. You can use the equipments for free.

Information center. Very useful, but you'd better learn Kanji first.. ^^

Another unique thing about this hotel was, they provide you the bathrobe and toiletries. But you have to take them yourself at the lobby. And yes, they are all for free.

The room itself was very standard, but they were very functional, since we only came to sleep.

The room provided me with everything I need. From slippers to hangers, from hair dryer to electric jug, from fridge to free wifi connection.

And of course, a very clean bathroom and toilet.

And last but not least, the hotel had a small room equipped with washing machines and dryers! Not free, but it was quite cheap, about ¥400 per wash. Really helpful, isn't it?

PLUS, Family Mart is only one block away.. ^^

WE WERE HAPPY! #japan #japantrip #kofu #yamanashi

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