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In this second part of the #mystjames project, I’ve been exploring more of the St James area more and visiting some of the bespoke shops. I’m particularly enjoying having a glimpse into a working history round every corner and seeing the traditional skills which are still thriving in the businesses there...

New & Lingwood...

New and Lingwood, established in 1865 to serve the Eton scholars by Elizabeth New and Samuel Lingwood and who bought the shop in Jermyn Street in 1922. I was particularly drawn to their amazingly colourful accessories which have, as they say, an ‘occasional eccentric wink’…

I also always love having a wander around London picking out colours and textures so it’s great for me to explore a new area for hidden details…


I also visited Budd Shirt Makers in Piccadilly Arcade. It’s a small shop specialising in shirt making and they are a very traditional bespoke business and have a cutting room right above the shop and virtually everything you can buy at Budd has been made in this country; even the socks are made in Leicester…


On St James’s Street is a beautiful traditional chemist’s, established in 1790 called D. R Harris . This place takes soap, lotions and personal grooming to a whole different level, reminding me of the pleasant places my grandparents used to frequent before the onslaught of Superdrug!


I suddenly came across a new exhibition of Emily Young sculpture at Bowman Sculpture in Duke Street which is absolutely incredible and highly recommended... A few weeks ago in St Pauls I was really taken with her Angel Heads outside the cathedral, so it was a joy to see some of her powerful work.

...and we all need a little cup of tea at the end of the day and I discovered that Osprey have a really sweet hide away place hidden at the bottom of their shop

There is so much more I’m excited to see in St James’s, particularly the ICA and White Cube, the London Library, Paxtons, Berry Brothers and Trickers and which I’ll write about next month, and tomorrow I’ll be putting up a post about my new favourite sensory place; the perfumer’s Floris in Jermyn Street which has suddenly inspired me!


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  • ygershel

    Very nice and interesting!!😘😘

  • georgianlondon

    Wonderful to see behind the scenes of some of these businesses and to see the craft that still flourishes there. 👌🏻

  • copperline

    Oh my goodness I love this story! Wonderful detail shots - and love Emily Young's sculptures!

  • 5ftinf

    @ygershel thank you!! 😘

  • 5ftinf

    @georgianlondon it's all so wonderful down there😍...a real treasure amongst so much change and building work in central London at the moment

  • 5ftinf

    @copperline thank you SO much!! And Emily Young's work takes my breath away!! x

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