A love adventure

This is story of two humans . That met not so long ago in a galaxy called Instagram .

Do you believe in love at first sight ? What about love at first like ?

He was boy from South-Africa and she was girl from Switzerland.

It didn't take long for them to fall in Love and for him to pack his bags to visit his love .

And so the adventure of meeting for the first time began .

No words can describe this ultimate bond . Like peas in a pod , like day to night . They instantly connected .

The mountains called and so they walked . Experiencing sights and sounds for the first time together.

She captured his soul and his heart .

And his life will be forever changed .

He made a promise to always keep her smiling . To always make her happy .

She made every second of everyday a moment to remember.

For they walked the roads . Shared the same muddy tracks . Left memories behind and awaited new ones

They were destined to be together. The stars and trees aligned to tell their story .

For his heart now belonged to her and hers to him . Now and forever.

And so their journey started . A new adventure of life and love . For the two humans knew that this was just the beginning of a wonderful life together .

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