A Pinch of Me

First Chapter From A(n Amateur) Storyteller

Hi, Everyone! My name is Aditya, I'm just an ordinary woman who is raising two beautiful children while doing my passion in broadcasting industry. Well, actually it's not passion, but I always try to do my job with the heart... *angelic smile* I count my life as a blessing. It is really colorful. I can do many things others cannot do, I've met alot of interesting people, I have a dream job in a dream company, I travelled alot (well, I did), and most of all, I surrounded by the most beautiful

people, family and friend I am grateful. Most of people have alot more interesting life than me. But hey, just be yourself! Appreciate what you have, then you'll be happy.

This is my family. My husband and I have been married for 13 years now. And please meet my children, Kia, 11 yo and Kei, 7 yo.

I'm not an expert. But I do love to draw and make sketches.

And also to make some crafts.. With Pinterest as my guide.. ^^

And I really love to eat. But hey, who doesn't? :D


Julia Child

And I LOVE, seriously, I LOVE to cook! It's the real passion of mine.

And now, I'm learning to bake. I've never imagined falling in love with baking at such this age.

I also love to travel. I enjoy the morning hustle bustle at the airport, and the feeling when you arrive in a new place. Thank God, my job allows me to travel alot. I've been in most islands in Indonesia and some places abroad.

Please meet Mr. Wishnutama, my CEO, the TV Genious.

And this is my team. We share, we cry, and most of the time, we laugh together..

It is also because of my job, I can experience alot of things. The things that I want to share with you all here. I hope you'll enjoy my stories..

To be continued..

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  • moeldjanee

    suka foto -fotonyaa.. ceritanya juga keren keren kak


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