It is my weekly routine to leave Semarang to my hometown. Ever since my mom passed away, I tell myself to see my home whenever I can

It has been quite busy when I have gone my college life through. It is a struggle just to take bus every weekend and get back to college on the following Monday.

It took about 2 or more hours to get back to home. I can manage to go at noon. However, when I still have things to do, I go after the sun sets.

Since I do not bring my own vehicle, I take buses everytime It is nearly 3 years since I started my college life and I always, always go by bus

After spending my weekend, I'll get back by Monday morning. I have class at 7, so I depart at 4 early in the morning. Literally.

Going through those Monday mornings, my Dad is the one who always takes me to the bus stop.

This is really tiring

but at least I could know how my family have been all along the week. I think that is the most important.

Not many people can go home as often as I am. It maybe take a year before they get a chance to go home for a week. Other people may need more.

Even there are those who are lost and cannot find their way home.

I am very grateful for that, and indeed I do and will do my routine. I never know whether, after this, I will go farther from home. So I better go home often before I can't.

And as long as I am able to make it, I will escape from the crowd city to a peaceful green country 2 hours away. Indeed, to a place I know I can put my burden off for a while where I could feel safe with my loved ones.

"And I found truth from the people I barely know But my heart still beats for my home and my English rose"

English Rose, Ed Sheeran

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