Traditional Market


Ubud Market, Bali, is located just opposite Puri Saren Agung a.k.a Ubud Palace. This market has become a famous tourist destination. Most of them come to buy some art souvenirs. #stellerid #steller #travel #travelphotography #bali #indonesia #traditional #market #traditionalmarket

Puri Saren Agung a.k.a Ubud Palace

exotic tropical fruits ...

Some ladies were preparing and selling the offerings.

Like almost in every places in Bali, in the market we also found people praying according to Balinese Hinduism tradition and send their offering. That makes the market in Bali different with other traditional markets.

The smell of smoky incense combined with the aroma of many flowers surrounding us.

Here, we really enjoyed walking through the market alleys. It was good experience to see those humble and simple traditional lifestyle. Pics (c) Vania Samperuru

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