April Flowers

Spring Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is so fluid and organic. That's why this painting medium becomes my favorite to work with. I love to paint flowers personally. They are colorful and soft. And there are a lot of variations of shade and shape that makes it really interesting.

Unpredictable and unforgiving. Let the watercolors have control and watch what comes out of the brush.

Do not over-think it. Don't be a perfectionist. It's more fun to take an abstract approach.

Draw and paint what you FEEL, instead of what you think you know.

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  • oktaffiesuzie

    Always inspiring DitaπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  • evykurniati

    Cuantiiiiikk 😍

  • hazelnadine

    Inspiring 😍

  • jordanfoy

    Before my grandad passed we used to get together every Friday at his place and just sit at the table and do water colours. We did that every Friday for about 4 years. It was great because we would always be surprised that we finished a painting we hardly remember doing because we would just talk all the way through it. It was fun! Might dig the watercolour set out again.

  • polkafon

    selalu dihati karya2 ditut 😊

  • abellasbraids

    Truly amazing work πŸ‘β€οΈ

  • kekekue

    You're amazing ❀️❀️❀️

  • Dita

    @jordanfoy a feeling that I know so well!!! Beautiful memories. Let's loosen up with watercolor!

  • irinahp


  • gamugal

    You are a treasure! Thank you!

  • Siti_rohmah

    Bagus mba...anak saya bisa belajar gambar bunga..makasih


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