There Are No Giants

Unveiling the Magic of Small Action

In whatever field we're passionate about, we find people whose achievements made us feel like dwarfs in the land of giants.

No wonder.

They're giants with gigantic leaps. We're just dwarfs with tiny steps. How do WE get to where they are?

We're taught to dream big. But, we're seldomly taught how to translate our dream into action.

Perhaps, because it's not as fun as the dreaming part. Or as easy.

Let's say, your dream is to write a book.

You would immediately imagine the frantic thumping on the keyboard, tremble upon the thought of receiving bad reviews, shiver in excitement over the best-seller title, etc, etc.

Imagination can bring us a wholesome universe; plot, twists, cool characters. It can also evoke our fear, excitement, anticipation. All at once.

But, reality speaks in fraction.

Reality disintegrates our wholesome imagination into word count and ticking clock.

The golden question remains: How do we ACTUALLY get there? To where the giants are?

I once dreamed about writing an epic size novel. Minimum length: 100,000 words. I made my working plan in fractions.

100,000 words in total 500 words per day 5 working days per week 40 weeks = 1 epic size novel Sounds doable. Was it as easy as the math?


The math didn't include the emotional roller coaster, nor the days I was reduced to a braindead lump.

I kept on counting anyway, marking my daily calendar even when I had zero progress.

January 11, 2015. I started my first page. September 19, 2015. I finished my first draft. 112,834 words.

5 months later.

The book came out. I held the bundle of 700+ pages in disbelief.

I didn't leap. I did it 500 words at a time. Sometimes less, sometimes a bit more.

Wait. There are no giants?!

Yet, I will keep telling my children to dream big.

And, I will remind them to be patient and to appreciate their baby steps.

Their dream can pinpoint a location.

But, it's their small actions that will get them there.

Keep it small. Keep it going.

You'll get there.

Dee Lestari Twitter/IG/Fanpage: @deelestari Images by IG @hezkykurniawan #stellerstories #stellerid #creative

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