The timing couldn't be more wrong for a road trip. It was when Borneo air was hazed by the forest smoke.

But everything was fixed. So we went anyway. Luckily the sky would clear up on us sometimes.

The search of Bekantan in Kaget Island was futile because we came too late in the morning.

But it gave me my first mud experience.

Then, through the haze again.

We searched forswamp buffalo of Amuntai. Quite a rare herd.

This trip gave me a lot of new experiences, I had to tell it to the world, even from the road.

Next, a little walk in the Sangkima forest to see the huge ironwood tree.

2,5 m diameter 45 m height 1,000 years old

A visit to a Dayak Kenyah village followed. They prepare music and dances for guests every weekend.

One of the elders, Pak Samson Imang, kindly told us much about their culture.

On to the next spot, we left the main land for Maratua Island.

Lion fishes were hiding under the resort. ~ pic: Rynol Sarmond

Turtles pass by, day in day out, but the second you try to get close, they swim away.

And the trip ended with a swim in Kakaban Lake, full of jellyfish. Worry not, they are stingless due to evolution.

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