Sewing Mama

There was a time when I found sewing makes me happy. Sewing to me is about the process. It's less about the end result and more about expressing my creativity. It helped me realize I love creating something with my it food, clothes, painting, etc for the loved ones.

I learned basic hand sewing as a girl and helped my mom sew basic dresses on her machine. When I was young, I had this dream...sewing clothes for my own kids.

For me, children are fun to sew for. The sewing patterns usually are cute & whimsical.

They require less fabric and can be faster to create.

It's satisfying to make something with your own hands that will be well-worn and loved.

The clothes are one-of-a-kind!

I always have this feeling, I like having a piece of clothes that no one else has and especially saying, "I made it!" when someone asks me where I got that piece.

And it makes me feel awesome when people are like, WHOAAA cool! You made her a dress!

I really love to see my daughter's smile when I made her a dress, a piece of skirt or a simple piece of kitchen apron.

It makes me happy when my kids feel special because I made them something.

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