The color of Spring

Once upon a time, not so long ago, on my first trip to Japan, a rickshaw man in Kyoto gave me a coupon for taking a ride with him. He said, "This is the summer card. Collect four seasons of ride, and I will give you a free ride." His words triggered something in the back of my mind. I promised myself I will visit Japan at least 4 times, four seasons! Not because of the free rickshaw ride, but I considered it as a 'life goal.'

Apparently, someone up there heard my promise. I was given the way(s) to fullfil my words.

I got cheap tickets to travel to Japan in spring. Tourism board who wanted me to share the beauty of fall. And an invitation to attend an event on winter.

My recent trip was on the late winter, at the end of February. Few days before my arrival, it was snowing in Kyoto. When I got there, it's just the chill and the wind. No snow. But, it's okay. It's still winter and I'm still as happy as a lazy sloth. One of the reasons was, I flew with Singapore Airline's business class. They gave me upgrade from the premium economy class. Yeah, lucky bastard indeed.

This is the least alay pose. Believe me. I was jumping up and down inside!

What does it mean to board on business class seat? Free flow chocolate Free flow champagne Loads of recent movies A BED. Delicious, glorious food. Free flow chocolate. Wait, did I said free flow chocolate twice? It's okay. It's important. And the chocolate was dayum good. So did the food. Impeccable!

It was not a very long flight but it surely awesome to be able to sleep on a bed transformed from a comfy chair.

But I couldn't sleep. So I spoke to the flight attendant, wondering if I could see their suite class. To my surprise, she said yes. OMG.

My heart was pounding as we walked down the isle.

And when she opened the suite for me....

Beautiful, beautiful leather chair. This must be what success smells like..

The flight attendant asked me, would you like to get your picture taken here? And I said no. I'd say yes when I can afford this suite. Someday. It's okay to dream. Seriously.

So I went back to my chair. I felt awesome to be able to see what the SQ suite looked like. And felt so grateful for my business class seat. Because it's also so freaking awesome.

The happy days continued. Let it be winter, let it be spring.

I even tried the sakura juice. Seriously. It tasted like .... Spring. 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Kyoto Botanical Garden. Not only the illuminated cherry blossom trees, but jaw dropping tulips are blooming as well!

Can you smell and feel the spring?

Not just sakura and tulips. There are other flowers as well. Flowers so pretty you just want to stand there and see how the wind caress the petals slowly and bring this pleasant smell to your nose.

I always think that the falling petals is incredibly romantic. and ... sad.

Love is in the spring air.

And it's cute!

Sakura on winter. I'd like to think that it's a beginning of life after death. No matter how dark it gets, there will be lights. Eventually. Always. Hence, spring is the symbol of hope. And love.

I learnt a thing or two from this trip. I know that no matter how ridiculous your dream is, dream on. And work your ass off. Hard work will never betray you. It's important to count your blessings. Not for the purpose of showing off, but as a self-reminder. It's okay to feel jealous. But... don't let jealousy eat you from the inside. It'd be lousy. I use my jealousy as my fuel to achieve my dream. A motivation. A dream. That will come true.

Thanks for reading and see you in other stories! You can let me know what you want to read in the comment section. A huge thanks to @SingaporeAirID for the hospitality. I am eternally grateful. #SingaporeairID #SIAUntukmu πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #stellerID #places #Japan