If you don't try, you won't get the answer. So, just do it. Drawing is an expression, just let it flow.

The answer is simple, pay attention to the words i write at the end of this video ;)


Basically i go to mountain to feed my desire for landscape photography. But after couple of mountains, i found new way to express my interest to the great outdoors, I started to create art/ drawing about Mountains and wilderness.

"I have no special talents, I'm just passionately CURIOUS" - Albert Einstein -

First, you can use simple lines and shapes. Add some dots and solid fills to create a character of your drawing.

If you have time, create more lines and dots. It will add more characters in your art.

Or if you're too lazy to create the proper straight lines and dots, just use your pen to scratch the paper. Be more expressive!

After serious trial and error with some pens and papers, i finally got the courage to try and draw Indonesian Mountains.

#1 Mt. Sindhoro

I did this drawing, one day before i went to Mt. Sindhoro (Central Java). But I let the expressive lines went too far and it's not even close to the shape of Mt. Sindhoro ;)

Mt. Sindhoro, Central Java.

#2 Dieng's Landscape

Dieng (Central Java) has the best landscape of hills & mountains. Back there i'm too lazy to draw, so here it goes...

Dieng's Landscape.

#3. Mt. Merapi

This is my fave mountain, for sure i will do my best!

I love the complex shape of its summit. Remind me of Mt. Doom from Mordor.

Mount Merapi (Central Java)

#4 Carstensz

Never been to this highest peak in Indonesia but i try my best to draw the two peaks of Soekarno & Soemantri.

#5 Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas is a nice out door spot in Bandung, West Java. Filled with lush tropical forest, small lakes and a deer conservation.

#6 Mt. Rinjani

Mount Rinjani is the 2nd highest volcano in Indonesia. Known for the beautiful crater lake 'Segara Anak'. Rinjani also a home for cows and deers. So here it goes ;)

My bday gift, back there in Rinjani

#7 Mt. Raung

Mount Raung, located im east java, Indonesia. One of the bad-ass mountains in Indonesia. It's a volcano, the name "Raung" means "ROAR!", bad-ass, eh? Never been there, but maybe soon. So, here's my drawing about Raung.

Mount Raung (image from google).

#Mt. Kerinci

The highest volcano in Indonesia. I try to draw the great volcano along with the famous Gunung Tujung Lake.

View from the summit of Mt. Kerinci & Gunung tujuh lake.

Thank You For stopping by! #stellerID #drawing #sketch #mountains #indonesia

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    I admire your rare passion. It's weird and one of a kind. That's what makes you interesting. Keep it on fire! ❀❀


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