Sate Maranggi


Sate Maranggi, that originally is from Purwakarta, West Java. Indonesia #food #foodporn #foodphotography #indonesianfood #westjava #traditionalfood

Sate Maranggi is made from cow or goat meat; i.e. beef or mutton. The harmony flavors in the seasoning make this sate become special; sweet from the sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) and palm sugar/coconut sugar (gula jawa) combine with sour taste from asam jawa (tamarind). Serving with the Sauce which is another beautiful combination between sweet soy sauce and vinegar, mix with chopped tangy shallots, spicy green chili and juicy tomato.

As always, fresh ingredients are the best, so choose fresh and good quality ingredients while go shopping, treat them as your good mate, then it'll give you extra good score for your cooking result.

Palm Sugar a.k.a Gula Jawa

Tamarind a.k.a Asam Jawa

Curious? You can go to Purwakarta (only 1.5hrs from Jakarta), where this kind of sate is easy to be found in every corner of the town. Or... why don't you try to make it by yourself?

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