expatriate restaurant

expatriate restaurant

_lasagna_ minced beef with homemade traditional sauce Rp 82*

_crunchy tuna roll_💚 folding marinated runa & vegetable Rp 58*

_quesadilla_ choice of filling chicken or beef Rp 78*

_aus black angus_💛 served with signature sauce blackpepper/mushroom and condiment Rp 285*

_expart snapper_ marinated snapper with lemon butter sauce Rp 128*

_creamy mushroom_ Rp 86* _meat lover_ Rp 98*

_spaghetti carbonara_ with cream sauce and beef bacon Rp 86*

_espresso cube with milk_ Rp 35*

_oatmeal_ healthy oat with raisin & strawberry Rp 33*

jalan boulevard raya blok qf 3 no. 11 kelapa gading 021 458 50389 instagram @expatriaterestaurant

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