A day with Jérôme Jarre

in NYC

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday when we met him.

We had a really wonderful time together, talking about life over turkish coffee and delicious hummus.

It was a great day when we had a deep and meaningful conversation about happiness, joyful heart and finding peace of mind.

We can always make our life happier. It is a matter of choice.

Let go of negativity. And express gratitude for what we have.

Having fun like a kid.

Treating everyone with kindness.

We shared great positive vibes with him.

Running around happily in the park.

Jérôme & @pinot

Smile more, laugh more!

It was the day when we learned to accept and love ourself for the gifts and talents that we bring to life. It was the day when we tried to be more optimistic about the future and our life. It was a wonderful day with you, @jeromejarre. #stellerid #family

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