7 Summit Mountains

I remember when i was in high school my mother didn't allow me to join "Nature Lovers Organization" because she always think that Mountain is not safe. I buried my dream since then.


Several years later, i dare myself to convince my mother again because i know there is no harmful place if we are fully responsible with what we do.

Mount Prau 2565 masl West Java

it was started by a little step and a lot of curiousity. I asked my friends to hike this mountain since it's only 4 hours away from UGM yogyakarta and also took less than 3 hours to be on top Oktober 2013

It felt so surreal, the sunrise, the view, the efforts. A little step which bring me into the next level of loving this country

Mount Ijen 2799 masl East Java

I knew there is something more than curiousity grew up on my soul. But the adventure feeling of having the different experiences. Desember 2014

I learned that there are so many people who live not as lucky as us. These sulfur miners have to hike 8km in return to bring the 100kg sulfur and only paid 400/kg.

Mount Batur 1717 masl Bali

I used to visit Bali every year since i was kid. Since then i admire Mount Batur but i just can stare It from my dad's hometown January 2015

2 hours full of worth it experience. My first summit was completed perfectly

Mount Merbabu 3145 masl Central Java

Let's say it's addictive. I continued my journey to the two mountains i see everyday when i was still in Yogyakarta for 4 years. One of them is Mount Merbabu. This is my first summit above 3000 masl February 2015

The nature didn't support us to reach the summit. It was so windy, rainy, and storm coming everytime. The view was covered by cloudy sky.

Mount Merapi 2968 masl Central Java

For the past 4 years this mountain always greeted me every morning. And i was the one who always took picture of it from distance. And now i could say have been standing at its summit. This is the journey of the King of Yogyakarta April 2015

By close to nature means you don't have any choice to protect yourself.


Mount Kerinci 3805 masl Jambi, Sumatra

It's such a big decision to hike the second highest mountain in Indonesia. I didn't really sure whether i could reach the summit or not, but then i push my limit and prove that my limit is beyond what i expected. Mei 2015

The highest volcano mountain in Indonesia, Mount Kerinci 3805 masl. No, i am not hiker, but i can prove that i can defeat my egoism. It was hard but if you want it, you can reach it.

Mount Rinjani 3726 masl Lombok

Who doesn't want to hike the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia ? This is what called my dream comes true. September 2016

5 days 4 nights full of effort, sadness, happiness, support, and inspiration.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves

Sir Edmund

Hot spring in Mount Rinjani felt like in the heaven

Morning tea with this view, who can resist ?

Reach the peak of Mt. Rinjani is such a priceless experience. I even couldn't say any word to express the moment. Instagram : @kadekarini Snapchat : kadekarini #StellerID #indonesia #wonderfulindonesia #mountains

Mountain is safe, tell your loved ones that you will be home and bring the glory of the peak of mountain safely