They are fuzzy. They are so much like human. They play an important role in sustaining the environment.

Sadly, they are endangered.

Forests turned plantations, leaving less and less natural living habitat for orangutans.

Some are captivated as pets, which is illegal and dangerous. Its also takes away their function in the forest, making forests less healthy.

Saint-hearted people fight for their freedom. Organizations and conservation centers are founded.

The aim is to reintroduce these hairy beings into the wild.


Conservation areas are open for public as a means of education. It's one form of

~ somebody is thirsty ~

You can get to the areas by cruising the river,

or trekking.

Some of the conservation centers you can visit in Kalimantan (Borneo) are Tanjung Puting National Park and Kutai Kertanegara. If you're lucky, some can be spotted in the wild, like in Sebabai and Karuing, also in Kalimantan. Fewer orangutans can also be found in Sumatra.

Waiting to see the wild ones takes more time and patience. I entertained myself while waiting by sketching the scene.

Heads up when the fuzzies finally show up. Literally.

While getting to know orangutans closer, don't forget to still have fun.

More stories on our visit to orangutan conservations on indohoy.com. #StellerID #conservationstory #travelindonesia

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    love irang utans.save dodo ❤️

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    Nice story about orangotan, keep it up :)

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    I hope more people decide to avoid products made with palm oil and live vegan. Animal agriculture is the number one cause of climate change, deforestation and habitat destruction, and species extinction. We should be protecting everyone we can as rent for living on this beautiful planet.

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    Talking about ecotourism like this, especially the one that has easilly contact with the wildlife, we should more concern about the biosafety. Disease can transmitted from us to the wild or vice versa. And we need to concern also how the activity will impact the wildlife behaviour.

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    I guess that's why visitors aren't allowed to touch them @piyopikavet

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    Well disease can spread by many ways like air.I guess it should be better if the visitors also use mask.