Becoming an Idea Magnet

A Love Affair Between Two Realms

In the realm of ideas, each idea wishes for the same thing: to manifest.

In our realm, each of us desires for the same thing: to create.

The collaboration between the abstract and the concrete, mind and matter, is the essence of all creative work.

Ideas struck us like lightning

In a flash, we're infested. Not knowing exactly when or how. But, deep down we know it's meant to be. Just like falling in love.

Like most relationships, in the beginning everything seems perfect.

Idea drives us, elevates us, takes us to a new dimension.

Words, images, movements, and music can flow right through us like an unstoppable stream.

For once, we experience the divine sensation of being a creator.

Then, like most relationships, the burning amber will eventually dim. Comes the ugly B word.

Writer's BLOCK. Artist's BLOCK. Creative BLOCK.

We're stuck.

Honeymoon is over. Blame game is in. We blame our smartphone, we blame the social media, we blame our unforgiving schedule, we blame our absent muses, we blame the world for being too distracting.

We blame the idea for not being brilliant enough.

We begin to think, "Let's give up on this one and try another."

Let me tell you a secret.

In the realm of ideas, they're keeping scores. Whether you're a quitter or a steadfast victor, the words spread in a lightning speed. Our values as potential suitors are scrutinized in their global stock market at all times.

(a fairy from the idea realm told me so) ... (she happens to work at their stock market)

As a fellow human who had teamed up with ideas frequent enough, from the weaklings to the most stubborn ones, allow me to share a few tips:

1. There are good days. There are bad days. It doesn't matter. Be there everyday.

2. Partnering with an abstract beast doesn't make us mythical. We work like everybody else. Demistiying our profession will help us to prioritize what truly matters: getting things done.

3. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, always set a deadline for your creative work. Deadline gives a necessary pressure, a timeline for ideas to pace with.

4. Strive first for the finish line, perfection can come later. An unfinished work needs no perfection. It needs an ending.

5. Resting is as important as working. Burnout won't do you any good. Include naps and breaks into your working schedule.

Once you prove your commitment and perseverance, the table will instantly turn. You'll never run out of ideas.

Instead, ideas will line up, waiting to dance with you into manifestation. How does that happen?

In the process of bringing an idea into completion, comes many learning curves. We learn to overcome mental obstacles, to develop work ethics, to enhance our productivity system and time-management skills

And more importantly, we learn to understand ourselves deeper.

In the end, it won't be just an idea birthing into matter, a creator will also be reborn and becoming better. Each time.

The Start line is always crowded. The Finish line, however, is much more quiet. You ever wonder why?

Ideas are countless. Commitment is rare.

See you at the Finish line.

DEE LESTARI IG/Twitter/Fanpage: @deelestari Images by IG @oktaffiesuzie #stellerid #creative

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