(a personal view onto the envolving of the inner wild child)

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for her, it's just natural to express herself through various types of art. eversince she can think of she was one creative human being that could not force herself into one direction.

but mainly she was extremely curious. and she kept that curiousity locked in her heart. to stay a wild child forever.

at the age of 5 she created out of a log of tree and some cords a guitar. when the first laptops were made and the family couldn't afford one, she built one out of paper. typing in stories, her cat had to listen to. no one else ever heard them. she always had this extreme awareness of everybody living its own life and everyone must come to conclusions out of experiences you do yourself. so she was more grown up at the age of 10 than others with 30 she realised.

the love to create things has never broke up. it grew stronger and stronger. but the medias always changed. she went from drawing with characol, to paint walls, to write shortstories, to write songs - at the age of 12.

getting into puberty made her stand out even more as a free mind - since she was the only girl not interested in boys - but telling stories about the ancient egypt. or how one can collect herbs and make the own tea from the field behind the house.

support from the family was always denied. but she kept going. she was laughed at by friends, but she kept going. grew every day a bit more mindwise and at her crafts.

then all of a sudden a big cut was made in her life - she had to leave her hometown alone with her father into a new country. at the age of 14. within 2weeks she had to say goodbye to everybody. the saddest christmas & newyears that has ever been celebrated maybe.

but as you might know - wild child ardeinae won't give up. no. she put everything into the things she loved and started new. alone.

and again she grew faster and much more than others at her age. living with a workaholic father, she never really got to know. and then it already started, she inspired people to do what they love and not let anybody loose that sparkle in their eyes.

to inspire people to go for their passions and dreams. within 2 years she learned a new language and it seems like there never has been another native language to her. the will counts, she always says.

so she did her degree in economics to be able to support herself from early age and beside that she always followed her passion. went from drawing, to singing, to sewing, to writing poems, to photographing, to editing and layouting, back to drawing in photoshop, to drawing on paper, started playing the ukulele, and all of a sudden she was in front of the camera, showing her love to the human body, the beauty of raw nature and the power of expressions. and there she is. right on that creative road, that will never ever find an end.

that i do what i love now and put all my energy towards things that make my soul, body and mind aligned - that is my luck now. to get to inspire others and see them envolving their own paths. keep envolving. keep thinking. keep practicing.

thank you all for passing by and getting a sip of ardeinaes' story behind the pictures. IG Instagram.com/pegasi_ Instagram.com/ardeinae Instagram.com/ardeinaepeg

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