Lost in an interplanetary space, among thousands of other unattainable planets, there is one sprinkled by endless skies, tumultuous oceans, severe mountains

and entities made by a magical dust.

They love

They work

They play

They explore

The Earth teaches them much more than what they imagine.

To a man measuring against the Earth is the only way to discover himself.

The constant research of the Truth is what make him a man.

He sow for years, but then it will come times when a misty dust will destroy all his work. One by one his friends take away their shadows. And this prodigious entity is left with only...

the secret sorrow of aging

and the ancient mistery of meeting his destiny.

We were born from a lava flow, from the impact of a star and gradually we got up to write songs and to measure galaxies.

We Are


We are #ExploreMediaLab Find us: FB: Explore MediaLab IG: @exploremedialab Vimeo: ExploreMediaLab #StellerPortraits Deliberately inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery