playing in the jungle of BORNEO

deep in the heart of Borneo, we explored a tiny part of the jungle. we're no Mowgli nor Tarzan, just city kids curious about what's within the lungs of the earth.

guided by a Betung Kerihun National Park staff, 2 rangers on a patrol and 2 Dayaknese boatmen, we entered the jungle through the river.

3 hours later we reached the camping spot. as the day gets darker, there was nothing we could do but entertain ourselves.

i read comics, Mumun beat these men in card games in the bivac.

the next day: trekking through the easiest route - said the rangers.

but i don't think he knew what "easy" meant. i fell thrice and leeches sucked on Mumun's feet 12 times!

still, it was good to see so many big trees. the air was humid, but fresh.

it was a relief when we reached the end of the trek and cooled down by the river and drank the fresh river water.

drink the water you shower with? why not!

dinner was fresh water fish with bamboo sprouts freshly picked around our tent.

nothing like a quiet time with just me, my pen and paper, and the sounds of the jungle to end the adventure..

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