Transmusi is the bus transportation system in Palembang, South Sumatra Indonesia. It is the safest and cheapest public transportation in this city. I use this transportation system every day. And now I want you to ride transmusi with me.

I start the journey, from the bus stop about 500 metres from my house. It is the simple bus stop but at least we have a shelter when the rain falls.

There is no fix schedule of bus arrival in every bus stop. Since it depends on the traffic. but buses arrive every 10 to 15 minutes. The bus route in my area is Plaju - Palembang Square, so I have to ride on this bus even if I want to go to other direction

In the morning the bus is not so crowded.

Because I want to go to Sudirman street, I have to transit at Monpera bus stop. If we want to transit to other route, we can only transit in certain bus stop. Today, the route is Ampera - Alang-alang Lebar.

Here come the bus.

The bus become empty after bunch of kids get off from the bus.

after finished the thing I should do, I wait for the bus on the nearest bus stop. Only 100 metres. When I walk to the bus stop, I see transmusi bus passes me by. Full of passenger. It means I have to wait for another bus.

Lucky me, I don't have to wait for a long time. I only wait for 5 minutes and other bus arrive in this bus stop. an empty bus.

the steward, yep the call the bus conductor the steward, will give you this ticket after you pay 5000 rupiahs for one trip. the ticket price was lower after the price of gasoline lower. you should keep your ticket and show the ticket to the steward if you transit.

And now I want to go to my office in Demang Lebar Daun area. I have to transit in Polda bus stop.

Finally I arrive on the bus stop. I only walk 500 metres to my office.

Transmusi routes: Plaju - Palembang Square Palembang Indah Mall - Sako bus terminal Alang-alang Lebar - Ampera Bridge Alang-alang Lebar - OPI Mall Karyajaya bus Terminal - Masjid Agung Pusri - Palembang Square

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