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A personal experiment: Bringing the Srimulat (a group of Javanese comedians) slapstick-eyepoked joke back alive on modern social media.

Poked eye : Selfie (1) (Vine)

Misspelled word : Selfie (2) (Vine)

Poked eye: Selfie stick. (Vine)

Trying to spell different word: Schmuddeliges (Vine)

Extreme stunt: Hit & smack (Vine)

Poked eye: Do you think I'm too serious? (Vine)

Action in public space: NYC Comic Con (Vine, Twitter video)

Poked eye: AADC2 (Vine, Twitter video, Facebook)

Om Telolet Om of the Third Kind (Twitter video, Facebook)

twitter/vine/instagram/steller pinot #stellerid

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