West Lancashire Light Railway

Friendly Engines Day is aimed particularly at families. It features at least two engines in steam,, all renamed for the day with appropriate faces on the smoke box. Also available are fairground attractions, traditional games, snack bar and drive-a-diesel.

The Chairman & family at play

Irish Mail becomes Paddy

Double-heading was the order of the day

Only our best drivers can perform the 'reverse footplate swivel' without a safety net.

How many other railways have a guard in a bowler hat?

The impromptu fashion show in the guard's van was popular

The fairground ride did good business

The chuck wagon was kept busy all day

The chairman's son gives his father a much-needed pep talk...

....which is promptly passed on to the members

The photo-taking service was in full swing

Drive-a-Diesel is an added attraction

The local Meccano enthusiasts put on a good display

We embrace diversity at West Lancs, so scooters are welcome

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