life in an outer island

Almost the outermost island in the northern Indonesia, Talaud is easily accessible by ferry or plane. Rarely visited as a tourism attraction, locals thought we were visiting for some research. Fact is, having spent most of our life in and near the 'center' of Indonesia, we just wanted to see what is life in Talaud like.

Melonguane, the capital town.

Having hilly terrain, a bentor fits right as a public transportation.

Strolling down the streets, we bumped into NUTMEGS being dried on the road.


as well


was also easy to find. Never I found cinnamon sticks as cheap as it was in the Melonguane market.


is the oldest town in Talaud, now the second largest. But we felt more warmth from the people.

As coastal towns, fishing is one of their main bread and butters.

Fish are the most common menu on the table.

Their weekend getaway..

Sara Besar Island

In a glance, life looks pretty easy in Talaud.


the hassle they must bear just to bring in washing machines, bikes, even cloves of garlic. And not everyone can afford plane tickets for a school vacation or visiting sick relatives.

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