West Kalimantan

Welcome to Singkawang, the city of 1000 temples.

Singkawang has a strong influence of Chinese culture.


Each year, on the 15th day of Chinese Lunar Year, Singkawang is filled with locals and visitors, celebrating Cap Go Meh, the end of Chinese New Year celebration.

It starts with the lantern carnaval, then the dragon show.


are the highlight of Cap Go Meh celebration

Tatungs are the chosen ones, possessed by the gods or the ancestors' spirits, to shoo away evils and protect the people. In doing so, these possessed ones are immune to physical pain. Stab them, slit them with the sharpest knives, they won't feel a thing.

Yup, this tatung is biting a dead chicken.

Phew. What a show. Worry not, there are always other mild hearted attractions in Singkawang. Like the food, the old Chinese houses, and more temples.

And also, the Chinese tombs.

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