Life on the Nile River

A story by Just Go Places

For thousands of years, along the Nile River boats have crossed between the banks and people have lived a simple agricultural life (albeit nowadays with access to WiFi, trains, etc.) Egypt, in the last 2500 years, has been invaded 27 times. Through it all, the Nile River and the life it gives has been the one constant in people's lives.

Morning sun

A leisurely graze in the shade.

All types of boats cross the river.

This boat seemed to be a ferry. There are remarkably few bridges between the two banks.

You see all types of houses from simple huts to large buildings in the more developed areas

Drifting along on the Nile cruiser Oberoi Philae, you see daily life unfold in front of you.

The sun sets on another day.

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.

Norman Maclean

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