Night sky of the world

When i was two years old, i read a newspaper. It had this photograph of green streak across the night sky. That was my first encounter with #auroraborealis. Since then, i wanted to be an astronaut so i could see the night sky and aurora borealis from space. But i had to burried that dream into something simpler: to see the aurora borealis, someday.

That dream came true 30 years later. I went to #Iceland and watched the queen of the night dancing before my eyes. It's an experience i will remember for the rest of my life.

Since then, I'm obssessed with astrophotography. It's challenging. It's very difficult. It teaches me to be more patient. So I learned and I learned and I learned. Composition. Techniques. Lenses. The camera. The framing. I watched countless tutorial videos on youtube. I read so many articles. And here I am, still learning. These photographs you're about to see were taken from places I've been to.

Hamilton island, #Queensland. Photo on the top left was the blue hour in #NorthernAustralia

My attempt on making a simple timelapse in #AlilaManggis, #Bali. Failed. Lol

A beach in South Malang.

The #milkyway over Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo.

Florence, new year's eve. Photographing fireworks is as hard as photographing milky way πŸ˜‘

Kawaguchiko, #Japan. Mount Fuji and the night sky.

Full moon in #Switzerland. Left: Trubbach. This one is #Lucerne.

If you as crazy as I am in #astrophotography, then #Sumba is a must do!

6 nights in Sumba, six nights of milky way, every single night!! So stoked!!

I won a trip to #Prague because of this photo. Yay me.

This is not spectacular. Well, it's #Paris. You can't get a milky way shot here. But, I love the contrast of the sky against #Eiffel

I still have a lot of night sky photos. Compared to the professional astrophotographers, I am just an upil kering di bawah meja. But I know I will be better and better. That's life. You want something, you learn. And failed. And learn again. And failed again. And you get up and learn harder. See you in next story! #StellerID my instagram: my blog:

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