A spot secluded enough to meet only a few people, but connected enough to not lose track of days. Sekotong, southwest of Lombok Island, Indonesia.

I'm not usually a sunrise person. But this one was pretty enough to make me dance.

Mount Rinjani in sight. Oh, can you see the swan cloud?

gili nanggu

island hopping

gili kedis

10 minutes walk circling the mini island

Venturing out south from Sekotong

I should insert a life quote here.

but i have no idea

Mekaki Beach

for those who surf

back to Yuki Villa, Sekotong Beach

peeking at fishermen in the sea with a telescope that the villa provided. the coolest amenity!

til I see you again, o gorgeous one

Sekotong is far less famous than Gili Trawangan, Senggigi beach or Mount Rinjani, the three most talked about tourist attractions in Lombok. And that's what made it awesome, aside to the sunsets and surrounding small islands. More story on Sekotong is up on our page and IG @indohoy. #stellerID #travelindonesia #places

  • diyantouchable

    taking pictures through telescope using cellphone need some special set of skills B-)

  • indohoy

    totally! thanks for your steady hands 😆

  • indohoy

    oops, did you get the message if I didn't mention you, @diyantouchable ?