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Story by Renée Sluser Photography by Miller's Family

This is a story about Miller The Doxie, or as he prefers to be known - The Magnificent Mister Miller. Miller is a miniature dachshund. He is black with tan markings. Miller was rescued from a shelter, but now he lives in a loving home.

Miller likes to sit on the couch and make sure everyone in his home is safe.

When he settles down for a nap, Miller gathers all of his toys near him. He likes to cuddle up with them.

When the baseball game is on TV, Miller cheers for the Dodgers.

Miller is a very happy little Doxie. He loves to roll in the grass.

Here is Miller with his buddy Bear. They go to the dog park together.

Sometimes they have a sleepover. Then Miller has to share his toys. That can be hard for him. But he has to do it, because Bear is his guest.

Another friend is Morris. He is a standard size dachshund. Even though he is bigger than Miller, they get along well together.

Sometimes Miller makes new friends at the dog park.

Or sometimes he just sits and watches the other dogs play.

Or sometimes he goes on adventures in the dog park. There are so many interesting things to see and smell.

Then he goes home and takes a good nap in the warm sun. Long outings can be tiring for those little Doxie legs.

After his nap he might play with a toy.

Or he might just chew on a good bone.

Then Miller goes outside for a walk. That is always exciting!

After his walk he might go shopping for treats.

When he comes home, Miller loves to take a bath and get all soapy.

Then he snuggles up in his blanket and gets warm and toasty before bed.

And in the morning when he wakes up, Miller is ready to start a new day of fun.

Yes, Miller is a very happy little Doxie!

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