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Each spring and fall I am asked by the promoters of the WCC Lynden, Washington craft and antique show to swing in and take photos for their social media platforms. This year I had fun snapping over 300 pictures of booth displays and the fun products. There are many crafts and antiques that I am not a fan of; you will not find those pictures here. Instead you will see a tiny curated collection of my favorite items. Or, in other words... items I might have purchased for myself.

This was one of my favorite booths! Who doesn't love bees? This gal actually shops at our brick and mortar store (just down the road) on a regular basis and picks up many fun items for her displays. What drew me in is how well she married the display items with the amazing products that she makes from scratch in her bee lab. Don't you just want one of everything?

You might be surprised to know, that even though I often tend to be a gardening girly girl... I love looking at all the tools from days gone by. If I had my way I would always have a hatchet and a sharp knife on hand. Also, I have a huge appreciation for all things repurposed... Even shotgun shells.

Because I am an avid gardener and preserver of all things yummy, I have a huge desire to amass as many canning jars as I possibly can! I don't actually use the blue vintage jars for preserving food, but they make great containers for dry goods in the kitchen.

Again, more lovely dainty goodies around each corner....

And then there are all the beautiful plants for purchase. Gosh how I love an old bicycle basket filled with good things for my garden.

Then there are all the talented pickers who show off their wares in artful displays.

I love that there are so many fun homemade crafts put together...with heart by the people in this area.

And who doesn't love a little bit of childhood imagination mixed in?

Each booth has a little different flavor, which is great because anyone can take anyone else and everyone will be able to find something positive!

Show season is here folks, make sure you get out there and support your local crafters and antique dealers. Bringing home a little piece of crafty or vintage goodness it sure to make your house a home. Our shop: http://www.grandiflorahomeandgarden.com The show: http://lyndencraftantiqueshow.com #stellerstories #steller #craft #vintage #antiques #pnw #washington #fair #shoplocal #garden

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  • yisca

    Wow amazing 🤗🤗

  • gobliss

    Beautifully curated pictures!! I want ALL the things!! 😊


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