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Wellington is a creative capital of New Zealand. I came here to enjoy it as it told and try to find something interest to sketch

kia ora

Means "hello" in Mรคori language. It's written in almost every airport in New Zealand

Before I started to sight seeing I had to prepare my usual ammo

This was quiet interesting because this building actually is not a hotel. 'Hotel Bristol' is one name not a hotel named "Bristol"

Wellington harbor is one of a very nice place to sketch. I found so many nice objects here

one of the best is an art sclupture, titled "Solace in The Wind" by Max Patte (2008)

Then.. I love this boatshed because of its colorful doors

Sketching also need energy I had a good steak at Charley Noble

As a good of Indonesian citizen I came to Indonesian Embassy to sketch its nice building

What do you think?

Lucky me, I met Mr. Jose Tavares, Indonesian ambassador for New Zealand

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