a fall trip up M22

Some friends and I decided to take the iconic M22 drive along the coast of Michigan last fall. You get to experience some of the truest beauty that this state has to offer. We left before sunrise and drove 5 hours north to Leland before making our way home. The experience and photographs that we came home with made the long day trip so worth it.

We caught just enough fall color to make the trip worthwhile, but the colors were very late last year.

The overlook at Arcadia offers up one of the most beautiful views of the Michigan coast. Only 120 steps to the top.


My first lighthouse


Tunnel of trees.

Spending golden hour and sunset in fishtown was the best possible decision of the trip.

We hit Frankfort again for the dark skies on the way home. I've never been so happy about getting home at 3am. Going to work the next day was fun.

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