A Sonic Universe

A world that is composed solely of sound. A place where what you see is the same as what you hear.

"Since there is no real silence, Silence will contain all the sounds, All the words, all the languages, All knowledge, all memory."

Dejan Stojanovic

The Shortest Distance

Isn't a line, it's a geodesic. Nothing is flat, everything is curved. Think big picture, but refine the details. That is this sonic landscape. Everything informs the other.

Let yourself be immersed, discover yourself.


The edges of art and music.


A sound artist and musician who utilizes the visual language to express sound in second and third dimensions.


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  • Necatuss

    Hi @marytfox 😊😊

  • khunt2

    This is pretty awesome!

  • Necatuss

    @khunt2 thank you!! All the drawings are 3D audio converted in 2d format as if it where a character of a language. Every 3D sound file produces like 1000+ characters. The ones you are seeing here are the songs from my upcoming ep, with a little flair. Check out my work on soundcloud and stay tuned for the ep! It has gained praise from other artist such as The Glitch Mob

  • khunt2

    Nice! Definitely neat stuff!

  • Necatuss

    @khunt2 😁😁😁


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