A Little Book of Color Layering

painting with watercolors

Watercolor painting techniques such as layering colors allows the watercolor artist to mix colors without losing vibrancy of color. Remember to allow your painting to dry completely between layering to keep the other layers of paint from blending together.

1st layer, let it dry completely

2nd layer (wet on wet technique)

Adding more layers

Don't be afraid to play with colors and shapes.

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  • anien

    MOAARRRR MOAARRRR tutorial yes! 😍😍😍 pas pake warna kuning, kebayang ngolesin telor diatas nastar 😅😅

  • Dita

    @anien ya ampunnnn kepikiran aja nastar!!!! Maukkk😂😂

  • anien

    😅😅 begitulah isi otak.. Kalo lagi diving liat ikan gede sliwer sliwer juga kepikirannya enaknya dibakar apa digoreng ya 😝😝😝

  • Dita

    @anien laperr!! Mo jajan yamien dulu😉

  • jessicaszeplany

    Beautiful colors.

  • antonugroho

    Sukak! Mau jg tutorial mbaa!

  • RileyRogers313

    I love the colors you ised


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