a weekend in DAY I


"COIMBRA offers an outstanding example of an integrated university city with a specific urban typology as well as its own ceremonial and cultural traditions that have been kept alive through the ages."

My friend grow up in this city and she was my guide for the weekend. We walk in the streets, we visited the University, the famous Joanina Library, we walk in the Park Verde near the Mondego River, it was really awesome! At first we get some rain but it doesn't stop us to explore.

We follow the rainbow

and then the sun showed up!

University of Coimbra

'Cabra' the bell tower

This place is something else, is a totally different atmosphere! You can almost imagine the students walking around in black. In Portugal we have a college tradition of wearing the Traje Académico, almost like Harry Potter. P.s. J.K. Rowling was inspired by the Portuguese academic culture.


More to come in

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