I had this dream of a city by the ocean, where waves were rocking on the shore and the sun was kissing the sand..

Where the blue was the bluest and the ocean and the were lovers, night and day..

Where the flat whites were just right and acai bowls the way to start the day...

I dreamt of an eternal summer, a place where the ocean and I could be friends forever..

I saw a glimpse of a white sail approaching the harbour and I knew I was arrived..

I was not dreaming. That city is #Sydney The place to be for @stellerstories & @passionpassport #cityglimpses

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  • giuliadini

    M E R A V I G L I O S A !!!

  • the_storyteller

    @giuliadini grazie amica 😘😘

  • _ingrid_

    I hope you love it enough to try and stay. It's so very special to live in a city that has beaches, where the sun shines for most of the year, the skies are a deep deep blue and the people are so laid-back. Beautiful photos and words, Sabrina.

  • the_storyteller

    @ingridgerman Thank you, Ingrid! I would have loved to stay longer, but the rest of OZ was/is calling! I spent almost 3 months in Sydney, it was time to move on! and now again, it's time to leave Melbourne and #exploremore! ;) Hope you are well xxx

  • _ingrid_

    I'm well, Sabrina - enjoying traveling vicariously through your Snapchat and FB/IG updates! Happy adventuring, @the_storyteller !


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