Vol. I Succulents

My studio, window sills and table tops are lined with plants and succulents housed in terra cotta pots. I grow them myself through propagation or buy them from the local nursery when I'm feeling blue. This series is here to share, to grow, to plant. Welcome. Volume I Succulents Tips for Succulent Propagation: • Pluck a succulent leaf from the bottom of your plant. • Place the cutting atop of fresh, moist soil and put it in a sunny spot. • Mist your cuttings every two days with water. • Patience. Be very patient and look for little roots to peek out and, eventually, a tiny baby succulent. • As the tiny succulent grows, the leaf will shrivel and fall off. • Plant your growing succulent in a small pot, keep it in the sunshine, watering every few days.

"I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. "

-Sylvia Plath

All photographs copyright Nicole Rallis | Leila + Olive.

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