Farøe Islands

In March 2016 I finally went to discover a place that was on top of my list, the Farøe Islands. Farøes are an archipelago of 18 small islands midway between Norway and Iceland, with more sheeps than people living there.

For this trip I teamed up with two long time friends, Vittorio and Lorenzo. We rented a Land Rover Defender with a roof mounted tent to be able to explore the islands our way. While they both are into the outdoors lifestyle, this was the first trip of this kind for both and it's been quite challenging, said that 90% of the time was rainy and windy.

We were cooking, eating, sleeping and driving inside of our Defender.

You'll find way more sheeps than humans here.

Rain here is so heavy that is usual to see grass covered roofs as insulation.

But when you get 5 minutes of sun is like a dream.

Definitley the most amazing place I've ever visited, and one of the best trips ever.

Thanks to @visitfaroeislands for supporting our trip. #VisitFaroeIslands #adventure #stelleradventure #liveyouradventure #backtonature #nature #liveauthentic #landscape #roadtrip #wildernessculture #faroe #faroeislands #neverstopexploring IG @paolosartophoto

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