| San Rafael Swell |

A land before time...

Years and years ago, geologic upheavals formed a huge "swell" in the earth's surface.

Wind and water carved this swell into canyons and amazing land formations making San Rafael Swell one of the most ruggedly beautiful places in the world.

San Rafael Swell is considered one of the "undiscovered" natural wonders of the American West.

Flanked by Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park, the San Rafael Swell goes unnoticed and visited by very few people year after year.

If you want an isolated experience, exploring similar land formations local National Parks offer, you should explore the San Rafael Swell ...

...and you just might have the place all to yourself.

You won't find a place quite like this anywhere else.

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    You guys make me wanna head East!

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    Great Exploration

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    loving this

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    @cairofoster that's our plan, lure you out to Utah. We have unfinished explorations out here. Hope PNW is treating you well. We need to catch up soon brother.

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    @piggi33 thanks pier. It's one of the coolest and less travelled places in Utah.

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    @DukeMoose thanks duke!

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    Wild place!

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    Wowzers. This place looks unreal, like how the bottom of the sea might look sans scuba gear ;)

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    @karen 👋🏻 yes totally wild place and so off the grid. Come out and let's go!

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    @tbyrnes yea you nailed totally bottom of the sea. And thanks Tricia. We need to get together soon.

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    This is AMAZING! Keep it up and I hope to come out sometime soon 👏🏼👊🏼

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    @DevTrammel thank you Devan! Look me up when you come out. 👊🏻

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    I love Utah!

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    If you were going to go to Utah for the first time, where would you go? Two 60+active seniors-not in amazing shape but good shape! lori@wisconsinpetcare.com

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    Just back from Utah and missed this gem!!! Well, now I have a reason to go back!!

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    Fabulous collection of photos, Ken! Looks like there might be some challenging hiking. How close can you get to the formations by car? 😀 I especially love the formations in the first and last pics: so unusual!

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    Awesome! Glad you love Utah! @schrijftafel

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    @wisconsinpet Hi Lori, Utah has 5 National Parks and the beauty of it is they are all close to one another. If you went to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park, they are within 20 miles of one another. Zion National Park is simply amazing. These National Parks are extremely crowded during the peak summer months, but don't let that discourage you. All these National Parks have mild hikes. I can send you an email with more information.

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    @wanderlust_mtl I hope Utah treated you well when you visited. When you return this place is a must see.

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    @theresatate Theresa! So good to see your comment on Steller! The beauty of this place (goblin valley) is it's very accessible from your car. You can park, walk 100 meters and you're in the middle of all this. If you want challenging slot canyon hikes, you can do it. But little Wildhorse canyon gives you the slot canyon experience with mild hiking. Kids do it all the time. Are you thinking of paying a visit?

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    @PixelPaula thanks Paula, I love this area of Utah

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