An Egyptian Ferrari Experience in Edfu

A story by Just Go Places

On a visit to the 3rd biggest temple in Egypt, the Temple of Horus in Edfu, we took a caleche to get to the temple from our Nike cruise dock. Edfu is a small city of 60,000 people. The ride in the caleche (known locally as the Egyptian Ferrari) was a highlight of the trip as you got a look at city life in all of its chaos and color.

The caleches waiting for passengers.

A bird's eye view from the driver's seat.

Sure. Go ahead and park on the center meridian.

This horse and cart are ambling along the wrong side of the road.

A local market sells everything.

Transporting cows in the back of a truck.

A local bus where standing room means hanging off the back railing.

Not your usual KFC.

I wondered how the man on top of the cart managed to keep his balance.

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