The Unknown Photo Frame

A random memory

I go to second hand shops quite often. I never buy anything useful and mostly buy random funny stuff. But some time ago I came past this photo frame full of photos. I don't know the people, but just by looking at it, it unfolds many memories.

I figured this is Jan. Quite a popular Dutch name.

This must be Helena. I first thought she would have been Anna but I think Helena does fit her better.

They must be having a discussion here. Maybe about putting the garbage out?

This photo makes me think they must have been in a long relationship. Notice how Jan chopped off his finger quite recently?

This is the middle section of the frame, a nice collage of their perfect relationship. But...

I really don't know whats going on here. Especcially the doll is quite strange.

These are my two favorite photos.

They must be travelling here. It seems like the photo was taken in a plane, train or boat...

This is the most unflattering photo of Helena. I wonder if she liked it herself. This photo makes me feel as if I'm following their vlog or so.

I don't know these people, or the actual story behind these photos. Are they still alive? And why did the frame including the photos end up in a second hand store? For now it's unknown, and left to discover.

Cause what's a story with nothing to wonder about?

Robbert Groenendijk

By Robbert I feel like stories should originate in a spontanous way. Because of this I recently started pushing myself to make short stories on Steller and Youtube. You could follow me if you would like to follow my progress! And it would motivate me to keep on doing so ;) Hungry for stories? Youtube @

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