One Day In

The perfect place for a layover, I loved recently wandering the streets of Paris with little planning, leaving my two and a half hour window open to whatever met my lens. With the turn of each cobbled corner, my senses heightened as I tasted my way around eating freshly baked baguettes, perfectly flakey croissants, divine cheeses, fresh pressed juice, and bold espresso. I particularly fell in love with the quaint little street Rue De Martyrs and its surrounding neighborhood. Enjoy browsing my adventure...

Incredible Baguettes at Panifica

Modern Meets Eclectic Lunch Spot

My only souvenir - edible of course.

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  • jordanfoy

    It is one of the best places to just lose an afternoon, I really enjoyed this city! Plus the fresh bagel shops you have are the best

  • borderfree

    @jordanfoy Yes! Exactly! I spent a few weeks in Paris in 2008 when I was just out of school - it was nice to return and see a side of the city I hadn't before. We definitely had a feast of carbs ;)

  • jordanfoy

    @borderfree I may have to go back this year!!

  • borderfree

    @jordanfoy You should! I'd love to go back for more than a layover

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