Here comes Spring

Here comes Spring. Every week we @incredibusy & @redtedart run a themed photography challenge with the concept of celebrating the "good". The hashtag we use is #sgiew @sogoodineveryway Here are some of this week's entries with special thanks to guest judge @ceramic magpie

#sgiew grid for here comes Spring

Getting the ball rolling with @incredibusy

Beautiful glazed ceramic cup Prize from guest judge @ceramicmagpie

Some inspo from @ceramicmagpie









Katie at work @ceramicmagpie

Here comes Spring for sure...

Thank you to our nine featured artists; 1) @parisianlyyours 2) @windramdesign 3) @zoepower 4) @jannelford 5) @aplayfulday 6) @flojoro123 7) @rebecca_kiff 8) @lewesmap 9) @emilyquinton

@ceramicmagpie selected @florojo123 as no.1 #sgiew

Make sure to check out this week's #sgiew theme by following hosts @incredibusy @redtedart @sogoodineveryway here and on @instagram πŸ™

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