Woodland Splendour

Speulderbos The Netherlands

Recently, I had a wonderful opportunity to go and camp in the woods, with a merry band of Instagrammers. You're right...February is not an ideal time to camp in the woods, but a splendid time was had by all and many memories were etched in the memory bank. Here is the #stellerstories

The Speulderbos forest is one of Hollands most beautiful and ancient forests. Within this spectacular diverse woodland you will see some 'giants of nature' and of course the very unique 'dancing trees'. A wonderous sight to be seen, captured and remembered. #woodland #holland #trees

The campsite and the much needed technical equipment. 👌🏻

We owe a huge thanks to the @staatsbosbeheer and @bevernl for making all things possible. They were fantastic and made this opportunity so worthwhile.

Unearthing endless roads. @lukasdegroodt

The charm of a woodland road lies not only in its beauty, but in anticipation. Around each bend may be a discovery, an adventure. - Dale Rex Coman

Forest Giants all covered in fresh snow added a new dimension and interest to the potential photo opportunities.


The Dutch Bear Grylls

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees. - Henry David Thoreau

Take a walk with me

Days of Wintertide

De Laak is a winding path that separates Sprielderbos and Speulderbos. The many prehistoric burial mounds along the path show that it exists for thousands of years. #speulderbos

Dancing Trees Mysterious and crooked, a source of inspiration, a result of centuries of selective logging. Beautiful, music in the making.




Many thanks for viewing my most recent story... I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this spectacular woodland, with a great group of friends and will definitely be back for more in the future. If you enjoyed this, please feedback and follow. Alternatively, follow me on Instagram @gm8ty

@gm8ty small moments like these #liveyouradventure #nederlands #adventure #outdoors #camping #liveauthentic #wilderness #stellerplaces #passionpassport #seewhatisee

'Adventure is out there'.

Something to remember

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    Great story my friend! 👌🏻

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    Wow! Never would have thought it would be the netherlands!

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    Love you pics, all of them 🙏🏻


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