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My latest Steller Story brings me to a point of reflection. After a busy few months I'm starting to feel settled in my new home. I decided (after a somewhat unsettling period of my life) to follow my instincts and make a life changing decision. To give up most of what I had built up, to follow a new path... in order to live life, feel happy and feel free once more.

Sometimes it's clear that we just have to let things go and in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take.

Now I live in the Netherlands. I'm teaching once more and feel like I have more time, more opportunities to invest in the things I love. Thus allowing my creativity and my presence to fulfill all hopes and follow lifelong dreams.

Of course with moving you leave things behind. Some of which are worthwhile, some perhaps not. But...dreams don't work unless you do.

I'm also cycling again and enjoying the experiences greatly. Achieving new personal goals and exploring fantastic new locations. Good times really! #visitholland #thenetherlands #holland #stellerstories #life #explore #outdoors #travel #gm8ty #stelleroutdoors

Thank you for reading my story. I appreciate any thoughts. You can follow more of my images on Instagram @gm8ty


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