The city of my soul

Zinger House

This's the city of million people dreams. I'm so happy to be here. This architecture, beauty and power. I'm here for 2 years. I love every part of SPb.

My lovely church. It's amazing.

The Griboyedov Chanel

The Church Savior on Blood

Another foreshortening of Zinger

The Anichkov bridge

I wish you to visit Saint-Petersburg to fall in love with it.

Come with me

We spend all summer on embankments and enjoy every minute of this live, full of bright impressions. We're drinking coffee or smoothies. We omit our feet in cold Neva water.

Here's the best architecture in all Russia.

Just look.

And the sky. So blue. So pure.


An integral part of every summer in P. is roofs. So great impression of height. Fresh air, fresh thoughts. And what a views.

The Winter Recess.

Late at night, when it gets colder, we're drinking tea for our city.

Thank you for watching. Hope you loved it.

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