Winter Travels

Swedish Lapland

Five days in a snowy wonderland. Wandering forests and towns. A thick blanket of tiny glistening flakes softening the sounds of nature and winter life.

People walking on frozen lakes and dogs trotting through the snow. Red jackets here and there - glowing out of the white wilderness

Wood clad houses dotted throughout the landscape. Tucked down out of the wind and shielded by the mountains.

We met lots of beautiful reindeer along the way. Some wild and meandering along the highways, others guided down from the mountains for winter, by their herders.

We felt so lucky to be able to spend our days out in nature. Wandering and wondering, imagining living a life where you might need to ski to work or to town for daily essentials.

Lots of the houses had sparkling lights to guide you home in the evenings. A welcoming sight on short, dark winter days.

I don't think we've ever enjoyed a winter so much - thank you for walking in the snow with me. ❤️ More adventures snowy and otherwise can be found @lobsterandswan

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